Saturday, June 21, 2008

im alive, i promise

it has been three weeks since i have posted anything. i have been so busy with my new ventures that i havent even had the time to check my email regularly. they just stack up in my inbox waiting to be deleted. i have even neglected facebook, something i never saw coming.

just a few things:
i took a big step toward the future today. positive or negative result, it was an amazing opportunity to get at my stage in life, and school.

i have been stressed about finances, like most college kids in the summer, but i have a very special person in my life to make things go a little smoother. (ka-stamp)

the summer job is probably what is driving me the most bonkers. i just cant handle it right now. i really dont like it. at all. but if all goes well, i will, hopefully, not be required (by the bank) to sit behind that desk much longer.

i have accomplished a few things in my absence:
i finished 100 ways, i highly recommend it, i love that book!

i read the ap stylebook cover to cover, one of my friends told me to day that im a total dork for doing it.

i have made a significant dent -- like its hard -- in strunk and white's elements of style fourth edition. (get a new one moose... i will still love you if you keep your third edition though...)

i have put augusten burroughs' dry on hold for now as i am filling my brain with tips to be a better editor. but, as soon as i finish the elements, its back to the crazy life of the author of running with scissors! (i recommend the book and the movie.)

i have the first disk of sex and the city in my entertainment center as i write this, but in my book obsession, if thats what you would call it, i have watched little to no TV. except for brian williams, mmm. haha.

i hope all is well with everyone.

and if there is one thing i can say of my time away, its this:
no matter how bad it is, something will come along and brighten your day.

you can quote me on that later if you want...


Greener said...

100 days. That's a long time to stay sober. Congrats on the milestone.

messica said...

the only thing ive gone 100 days without is my moose. you need to send him my way.

Greener said...

I guess that "Moose" is some kind of Tennessee moonshine. But I will not bring it to you. I will NOT enable you.

Moose said...

Keep Jared of London away from my girlfriend.

messica said...

im not sure i follow your hshs comments that have carried over...

and moose is moonshine. i am addicted and i have to have some soon or i might not survive.