Tuesday, August 5, 2008

glad im here. but it was a little fun there, too

i finally made it home. about two weeks ago...

no work... its about time. ive gotten to see some friends, and have yet to catch up with a few more, but oh, its so sweet to be back.

school starts in like 3 weeks, and i do not want to go. not knowing when graduation will get here is such a non-motivator... 

my moose and i got to sneak in a little vacation last week. we flew (direct) to newark, nj ("nastiest city on the face of the planet," --stepher) and took a little shuttle into the city.

now, ive never been to NYC, and the only time i ever see "real city" is when im downtown at home, like to catch a game at the local pro sports arena, or like that time we went to st louis for the first "family vacation" and got that promise to one day see real skyscrapers in NYC... needless to say, that was 10 years ago, and this is the first time ive been.

we walked through central park, saw some real shopping on 5th ave., climbed (from floor 80- floor 86) to the top of the empire state building. saw time square ("you should see it at night," --everyone), rockefeller center, NBC studios (brian williams= LOML). you know, the typical tourist day in manhattan. and took in a little baseball at ye ol' yankee stadium.

the trip back (also from newark) was by far one of the worst days of my life. 7 hours in the grossest airport in the world, and ive been to eastern europe... who ever thought that putting all the food and shops outside security does not like his job, or other people for that matter. there were these two nasty looking (and tasting) "restaurants" and one souvenir/book "shop".

if i had $300 more, we could have been waiting in JFK with computer-related luggage-checking issues for our carry on size vacation... i guess the trade off isnt really noticeable until you are right up on it.

so, after a chipotle chicken sandwich (haha) we waited like 4 more hours before we were actually in the air. that includes the additional hour on the tarmac. american airlines did not give me a free voucher, or meal ticket, or even a complimentary cocktail on this flight. ooh, they owe me... they just dont know it yet. (the letter is still in the pre-drafting stages...)

on the other hand...
so, my sister is a fan of a local university sports program, and there is a mall store that has started carrying merchandise for this, and other, major universities with powerhouse sports. i go to the local store (and this team is only in stores, otherwise she would be ordering it online) and i dig through their entire stock only to find they have every size but the on i need. in both colors... annoying. i gave her the number and told her to call herself and put them on hold, but ill still pick them up... will she call? who knows... all i know is i got mine in a different team, and thats all i care about.

like i said before, school starts in a few weeks. i swear, the fall semester is ridiculous. it should only count for half of what it does, that way its easier to make up the terrible 3.5 months of hell.

oh, and one of my friends is making the newsletter for a bunch of us who used to work together, but have mostly all parted ways for whatever reason. so last month was the first issue, and it went pretty well, with a few stragglers. but this month, its like everyone who was on board before suddenly jumped ship on the idea and totally blew her off. bitches, i told her, theyre all bitches.

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Moose said...

If I had $300 more, we would have blown it on the late pick 4 at saratoga