Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i got a job!!!

i mean, its at chuck e. cheese, but its a paycheck. im excited because its like ill be able to pick up where i left off 3 years ago. its funny that im back where i started when i was 16, i guess that just shows how good (or desperate) i am... the manager has already told me he plans to promote me pretty quickly, so thats really the exciting part. i mean, i would be doing something that i have already done, just never had the title. so... yeah for me!

and... i found a dress for my formal. its in a little over 2 weeks, and it is going to be so much fun. i just cant wait. im working at the gym to help with the homecoming concert and step show, so i will have a few extra bucks in my pocket to throw down when i get there. dont worry, i wont fall too hard on my face, i have to babysit for 24 straight hours the next day...

on another note... i still hate school. and i still havent heard back from the internship i applied for (they said i would hear back in 2 weeks... its been 3)...

i did fill my gas tank for $2.75 this weekend. when i was on fall break, i was really excited that it had dropped from $4.19 to $3.39, but when i hit kentucky... i was depressed when it was $2.97... i could have definitely made it to that gas station... now i know for next time. so, when i was in missouri, i saw it for like $2.50 and swore that i wouldnt pay more than $2.75 the next time i had to fill up. so when i got to the top of the hill and saw the price per gallon, i was very excited. it just annoys me. why was gas $4 all summer, but now its half that? i get the hurricanes messing up shit in the gulf so prices went up here, but its almost $1.50 less today than it was 3 weeks ago... i remember when gas was $1.50. it wasnt that long ago.

so, when i got my obama biden car magnet the other day, i put it on my gas tank. hoping to see $1.50 gas again in the next 4 years

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