Thursday, January 28, 2010

now that ive gotten settled...

so ive had a few days, well almost weeks now, to get my stuff together and settle into swedish living. school is a little different. its mostly just one class at a time and they're never in the same room two meetings in a row, not the same days every week and the whole time thing, you guessed it, nowhere near the same each day.

my first class is pretty perfect for me, its comparative media systems. just like it sounds, we are looking at the media in different countries, really continents, and comparing it. the teacher seemed really wacko (thats the best word for it) the first day, but shes calmed down, a little.

today, i had a new experience all together. i went to the ski slope last week and saw quite a bit of snow, it wasnt freshly fallen, but still untouched. there was a lot. then last night, i went to the basketball game (which the home team won!) and on the walk back, i noticed the sidewalks had been cleared while we were inside. this morning, i found out why.

from 730 this morning, it had been snowing... a lot. by 1, when i went to class, there was already 6 inches of fresh white powder on the ground, and not the kind they make in colombia. and it didnt stop. i had class for about three hours, and it just kept falling. inch after inch after inch after inch. by the time class was over, i wanted to go home so bad. not that i wanted to walk in the snow, i didnt want to walk in it later after the workshop i had to go to after class when i knew it would be even worse.

while we were there, it snowed some more. and more. and more. and more. by the time we got out, there was at least a foot. and not like a size 6, like the ruler: 12 inches. i needed boots for this shit, and my uggs werent going to cut it.

so, i went with a friend on a trek to the mall to find some solid boots to keep my feet warm, dry and supported... all for around 400SEK or less. (you can find that in dollars here...) no luck. it seems like this town of about 90,000 thinks they are small-town-usa and everything closes by 7. seriously? i didnt have time to find boots in 45 min. they are all either too expensive (thank you bjorn borg and timberland for having the best, and most expensive, boots) or they have no traction on the bottom. i want the cute ones that i can wear with jeans and not look like im wearing mens dress shoes, and they are still good enough to wear when i get home... i dont really want to drop a bill on some shoes that i cant take home.

so tomorrow, when there is three feet of flakes on the ground, i will make the journey, again, to find some freaking snow boots that are hot enough that i can wear to the bar in timra to pick up hot swedish hockey players...

wish me luck.

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