Thursday, April 10, 2008


friends come and go, but sisters are forever... i am really feeling that one right now...

oh, and boys worry me. especially one in particular. (thanks for being so understanding... you can still send me flowers though...)

i went out the other night to world beer tour and i had lots of fun. one of my neighbors ended up leaving with two italian guys' numbers. then she has to pay 25 cents to send and 15 to receive their texts... haha..

and, i havent watched any baseball all season so far. depressing. maybe that would help my quality of life. too bad i work every night or have class or another obligation... but at least half of the games start at like 9 my time...

oh, the invitations git rave reviews. yeah!

ps. im over you.

1 comment:

Moose said...

you sound me :-(

love you