Monday, May 5, 2008

a long, tumultuous journey

this last month has been pretty suck.

i realized im dead broke. and that i have to spend the summer not at home.

finals week kicked my ass, but in hindsight, maybe if i had done any of my work during the semester... yeah. ill get on that for next year. ha!

my little brother got married and i couldnt go.

i forgot to do the important things like meet deadlines. there goes that procrastinating again...

a few good things: one of my very good friends came in from New York to visit. the semester is finally over! and, well, they are finally digging the pool at my apartments (and the one on campus is open next week). i got to see some other good friends this weekend. and a ton of my bitches graduated friday.

im attempting a new venture in the morning, no details will be released until a decision is made... aka: ill let you know more later...

oh, and im getting a new roommate in the fall! i love her and she is the best. i just hope i dont corrupt her in my evil ways. haha!!

i reached the first milestone on the beer tour: i got a deck of cards. needless to say, it was well worth it!

the summer is upon us, i guess it officially started wednesday night for me though.

i hope to be more regular in my posting as i wont have school to "distract" me. ha! school... distract me... haha!

and to eight belles and all of the wonderful, beautiful animals who we lose after a big win, may you rest in peace and come back to us in another life.

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