Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another episode? i didnt think so either...

im listening to the he score, he shoot podcast. the second one. apparently i have to step up my game on this web-log. (ill just say that i love hearing all of the stories that ive heard a million times, but this time, they are online.)

but i must take a break to talk about something a little more interesting... so, im reading this book called 100 ways america is screwing up the world and ill say, not one have i really disagreed with yet (but im not gonna lie and say i completely understand all of the jargon associated with some of it). in the top 10 is wal-mart, global warming, oil, agribusiness,tv, vietnam, to name a few. i knew stuff like this could make me mad, but wow, im impressed at what a good job john tirman is doing here.

another thing, you know when you put in the time and energy and you really work hard and you feel like you deserve that promotion, or open position at work, but they give it to that girl you dont like who wasnt even qualified for the last job they gave her... like i said to one of my good friends today, i feel like loyalty and time spent means nothing anymore. i was so mad earlier, the only thing i could compare to how i felt was being stabbed in the back. but, the good thing, i suppose, is that im being "recommended" for an assistant position. and not the cool well paid executive assistant part either.

i just want to move home and send my resumes to all of those lame jobs that i know i could do better than and just sit behind a big desk beyond big, fancy, glass doors and play receptionist. at least ill get a pay check that i might be able to pay some of my bills with. who knows, as long as its not for wal-mart, perhaps even some benefits.

thanks greener for linking me to he score, he shoot. maybe someone will read me now.

and ps. no, she wont listen to your podcast until i send it to her...

and i almost forgot, there were some dumb people at a school board in tennessee who openly broke sunshine laws... on the news! try to get out of that one.

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Steph said...

You are destined for bigger things that secretarial work. Not like there is anything wrong with secretarial work, however, I know you and I know you would be miserable in no time. Life has thrown you some curve balls lately but you're one of the strongest people I know and I know you will get through it.
Hard work apparently loses out to tenure, but you will do amazing. I know it. I've seen your fabulous work! Love you