Thursday, May 22, 2008

i want to patrol the borders

im watching the evening news (the 10:00 broadcast) and i remember why i stopped watching local news... the border patrol is in nashville recruiting... and this girl said she didnt realize there was a 55 day training period. she said she didnt want to be away from her family for that long... that begs the question, what will she do when she hits the border? i dont think she can commute from nashville to the mexico/U.S. border...

the mariners are the worst team in baseball right now. and if not, they are the worst in the american league... ugh, its so frustrating. it was just 7 years ago they won 116 games. they have barely won 16 this season. the rangers and royals are doing better right now, imagine that!

gas is $3.77 here. two weeks ago, i filled up for $3.57, and just over two weeks before that, $3.19... i just cant wait until it hits $5 later this summer. it was just 10 years ago when a gallon was under $1, remember? in saudi arabia, it is $.45... but in the netherlands, its $10+. its disgusting. im glad i have a honda, but i wish it were a hybrid or i had a bike i could ride to work. i just cant stand it.

im so excited for minimum wage to go up $.70 this summer, oh, it will make my life so much easier. ha, not. i can barely even afford beer, what am i supposed to do this summer when i cant afford to go out anymore because i cant afford the gas, much less the food.

have i mentioned the pool at the apartment? and that it should be done by the end of june? and that they havent been out there in 3 weeks? im so excited to be paying to have a huge hole in the ground with nothing in it, much less the water to swim in.

i was hoping to visit my sister and her family this weekend, but again, wages and gas, well, need i say more?

some good news, maybe not for you: american is charging for checked bags. starting next month, $15 for the first bag (one way) and $25 for the second (again one way). but, its still free for me, and anyone traveling on my itinerary.

happy flying.

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